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What we can do to protect you against viruses

Here at Extreme Carpet Cleaning we are able to utilize specialised products and equipment to disinfect and sanitize surfaces to kill and eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Utilizing the SM Bure ULV Fogging machine along with specialist medical grade disinfectants, we are able to offer a sanitizing and disinfecting service to our Canterbury based clients.

Fogging with a hospital grade disinfectant we are able to coat all surfaces with a disinfecting and sanitizing agent.

This process is highly effective in destroying germs that come into contact with the treated surfaces and has been used worldwide for the effective treatment of MRSA, norovirus and H1N1-type viruses.

This is a highly effective method for killing viruses and bacteria is being widely used in many countries around the world during the current Covid19 pandemic.

This process is approved by the Ministry of Health and is something we are able to offer to the community during these uncertain times.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to disinfect my home/office.

We offer a specialist process and will complete this for you.

Can Extreme Carpet Cleaning sanitize my business once the lock-down is over?

We don’t have to wait until the lock-down level is reduced to complete the disinfecting and sanitizing process. Contact us today to book and be prepared to reopen once the lock-down is lifted.

What is the difference between fumigating/fogging and disinfecting?

Fumigating/fogging is a method of applying a disinfectant agent. Whereas disinfecting is the process of killing germs, like viruses, bacteria and fungi.

How long does it take to get my home/office sanitized?

This process takes around an hour for a residential property, commercial buildings will depend on the size of the building/facility.

How long do I have to stay out of my house after Extreme Carpet Cleaning has fumigated/fogged my home?

Upon completion it is completely safe to re-enter the dwelling as we would make sure it has been completely ventilated before our departure.

Is this process safe for children/pets?

Yes, this process is completely safe for children and pets

Does this process kill Corona Virus?

This process does not kill COVID-19 but it does kill other strains of Human Corona virus, SARS, Influenza Type A, H1N1 (more commonly known as swine flu), Noro Virus to name a few.

How much does it cost?

Please send us a message here to inquire about pricing for your home or workplace.

How often does this process need to be repeated?

We work with two different hospital grade products.

The first substance kills germs like bacteria, viruses and fungi instantly on contact.

The second product kills viruses, bacteria and fungi and coats/protects the surfaces for up to 90 days. The process can then be repeated as required to renew the germ shield barrier.